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Monday, February 08, 2010

Good Morning, World Champion Who Dats

By Glenn Guilbeau
Gannett Louisiana

MIAMI - Good morning, world champion Who Dats!
This is a day like no other. No one is better than the New Orleans Saints.
Unless you count the Triple-A minor league baseball championship the New Orleans Zephyrs won in 1998, this is it. Newly elected New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu will take over the happiest town in the whole USA.
"Oh When the Saints Go Marching In," is no longer a song about what may happen one day. They've marched. They're there. They're in. That's actually a funeral song, and that fits. The Saints have made it back to heaven, and they went through about 40 years and nights of hell to get there.
My older brother Joe, an attorney in New Orleans who was at that Saints first game in 1967 when John Gilliam returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown to begin the ultimate tease, said it best.
"Next year is finally here," he wrote in an email. "For me, I still do not quite believe it. The best I can do to describe it is that it was like entering a great dream instead of waking up from one."
Enjoy the day. Mardi Gras is upon us, and Jazz Fest is not far behind.
And how fun is next season going to be? The Saints should be very good again.
Let the good team roll - in New Orleans for a change.
And this is truly a universal championship for anyone associated with New Orleans, and with Louisiana.
"Not just in New Orleans," team owner Tom Benson said. "But the whole state."
The Gulf Coast region and the Who Dat worldwide network as well.
This is much better than any LSU national championship as well because NFL teams like the Saints have far fewer team haters than do college teams. LSU is hated by many Louisianians, particularly in Lafayette and Ruston. Alabama won the last collegiate national championship, but a large portion of that state made up of Auburn fans could not be any unhappier.
Not so in Louisiana. There's not as much regional hate in the NFL. No one hates the Saints - other than some Colts fans this morning and people who are probably growing tired of how much attention the city and team is getting. And even those probably do not really hate the Saints.
The Saints are attracting new fans every day. Some may not like them. Few hate them.
But today, because of what the world saw Katrina do to the city in addition to the club's sad sack history, the Saints may be the most loved team in the history of sports.
Who Dat Saying No One Can Beat Dem Saints? Everybody is.
The Saints are world champions. Amen to Dat.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Move over Dallas cowboys the New Orleans Saints are Amereica team now...That shocking 31 to 17 Saint victory made the entire country happy.


1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see that interception with 3:05 to play in the 4th quarter?
It was shocking.
New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Champions 2010...Can you bereave it?
The happiness of the Saints fans have all of us glad.


2:06 AM  

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