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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Chad Jones' decision

On the surface, you might think Chad Jones is a bit foolish for leaving school as a junior and projected as a third-round pick when he could come back for his senior and leave as a first-round pick.

Again, that's on the surface.

Jones, though, is like a lot of juniors out there. He is studying more than just his own personal draft stock.

Agent Leigh Steinberg predicted a lot of juniors would leave school early. Here's what he told The Sporting News.

"It's likely that as a new CBA is negotiated, some restructure of rookie compensation will be in place for 2011 ... The new system might mean no guaranteed money and less overall compensation for younger players. That could cause the 2010 draft to become an Oklahoma Land Rush-type superdraft filled with fearful juniors.''

Jones' decision makes perfect sense after all.


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