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Sunday, February 07, 2010

If Landrieu wins, surely the Saints can

By Glenn Guilbeau
Gannett Louisiana

MIAMI - The third time was the charm for Mitch Landrieu Saturday in the New Orleans mayoral election. Landrieu, the son of former mayor Moon Landrieu, dominated with 65 percent of the vote and won in regulation. There will be no need for a runoff - or overtime in football terms.
Landrieu is a great guy and deserves this opportunity, but he has been about as electable as some former Saints coaches. He previously lost two elections for mayor. He even lost to bumbling incumbent Ray Nagin in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which was sort of like losing to the 3-13 New Orleans Saints in 2005.
So if Landrieu can win an election, surely the Saints can win a Super Bowl. Could it be a sign?
We are less than three hours from kickoff at this writing. Team Gannett - Brady Aymond and Brad Kemp of the Daily Advertiser, Roy Lang of the Shreveport Times and myself - have been in the pressbox here at Sun Life Stadium since 2:15 p.m. central time. Finally, kickoff is approaching. The number of pages of transcribed quotes piled on tables in the Media Center reached 286 on Saturday. It's time for a game.
Conditions are perfect for football - not a cloud in the sky, a decent wind and no chance of rain. It would be perfect for an election.
If this were an election, the Saints would win hands down. There are Who Dats all over South Florida, and with just a few thousand in the stadium as of now there is more black and gold than blue and white.
A news crew in London Saturday was asking people on the street who they liked in the Super Bowl. Some didn't know what teams were playing. American football is not much on that side of the pond. But one Londoner had two words - "Who Dat."
I picked Indianapolis in the paper today, but that was more like the flip of a coin then a strong belief. It will be a very close game. What Peyton Manning did to the New York Jets' defense, which was No. 1 in the NFL during the regular season, made me think he could have a day at the beach against a Saints defense that never really stopped Minnesota in the NFL title game. The Vikings kept coughing it up.
I'm sticking with the Colts pick, but hoping that the Saints win.
If the Saints do pull it out, Landrieu will have an advantage that no previous mayor of America's most unique city has ever had. He will be the mayor of the happiest town in the whole USA.



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