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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Worse than you might think

While much of College Football Nation either laughs or is shock at the ending of the LSU-Ole Miss game, there is something even more disturbing than the way LSU lost.

It is this: LSU needed three low-percentage plays (the onside kick, a screen pass in traffic and a Hail Mary) to even get in a position to steal the win.

Except for LSU's bungling of the final minute of the game, everyone would be talking about a defense that couldn't get off the field and an offense that continues to be the most frustrating in the country to watch because there are playmakers everywhere (Welcom Rueben Randle) and a coaching staff with no clue how to use them.

So the Ole Miss loss is really worse than you think. Because the horrific game mismanagement hides the fact that Ole Miss pretty much dominated this one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! It's like the 4th quarter comeback against Troy in '08. I couldn't get excited about it because LSU should never have been in that position. I'm not surprised, at this point, that Ole Miss won, Ark. will, too, unless LSU plays up to its full potential in all 3 phases. If the D line does not get pressure on Mallett, he will pass for over 300 yards.

Jefferson needed time to mature this year. Now - if a defense puts 8 in the box, then Crowton needs to make them pay for it with his WRs. If the CBs are biting on the short routes, he needs to burn them on the long ones, like Randle's 2nd TD catch. He has the weapons to take what a defense is willing to give.

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