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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Precarious position

Just how precarious LSU's quarterback situation is should have been evident today.

Matt Flynn rested his arm and didn't throw in the Tigers' second practice.

That meant true freshman Jarrett Lee and Ryan Perrilloux got the snaps.

Now, here's the scary thing - an injury to Flynn and the Tigers have to turn to those two.

Don't say it can't happen. JaMarcus Russell was hurt in the 2005 SEC Championship Game. So it can happen. And LSU doesn't have the luxury of an experienced Flynn on the bench.

At the moment, does anyone trust Perrilloux at the helm? And nothing against Lee, but he's a true freshman?

Now that being said, few, if any schools, have the luxury LSU has enjoyed the last couple of seasons. But it is proof of just how important being healthy, particuarly at quarterback, will be this season.


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