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Sunday, August 12, 2007

A kinder, gentler Miles

As best as I can tell, LSU coach Les Miles didn't offend anyone at today's LSU Media Days.

He didn't go on a rant about the coach that left here (that would be Nick Saban). He left the Pac-10 alone.

Those would all be good things.

Because of his eventful offseason, Miles has endeared himself to LSU fans - but he has also riled up some others in the process. He has talked the talk. Now he must have the team to back up such talk.

No one will be calling him the "mouth of the South'' as one national media outlet did if he can guide LSU into the national title game. Of course, that would require winning the SEC title first.

But first things first, winning at Mississippi State and at home against Virginia Tech would be the first order of business.


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