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Monday, August 13, 2007

Kudos from Saban

LSU fans may not want to hear it, but they got a compliment from Nick Saban in this week's Sporting News.

The magazine has a 1-on-1 interview with Saban.

Here is where Saban gives LSU fans a compliment.

Q: So your time is sacred?
A: I try to protect the time I think you need to spend on coaching your players, developing your players and recruiting to have a chance to be successful. The people at LSU had a tremendous amount of respect for: That guy's the coach and that's what we want. They didn't care about you playing golf outings in Louisiana. I only played in two the whole time I was there. I've already played in six here and turned down 50 others, and no one seemed to get it. Well, how can I go recruit and do the things I need to do when you have me doing all of this stuff?

Sounds to me like the Alabama crazies are making Saban remember his LSU days with some fondness.


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