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Monday, August 06, 2007

Blast from the past

As a voter on the Football Writers All-American team last year and this year, I sometimes receive information on various "candidates'' for All-American honors.

In the mail today was a group of candidates from Ohio State.

What, you may think, does this have to do with LSU?

Actually, a good bit.

Because among those candidates is wide receiver Brian Robiskie, a junior.

The last name may sound familiar to older LSU fans because Brian Robiskie is the son of former LSU star running back Terry Robiskie who has been a longtime NFL assistant coach.

Brian Robiskie is the Buckeyes' leading returning receiver with 29 catches for 383 yards and five touchdowns.

Before anyone gets upset that Brian Robiskie didn't follow his dad to LSU. Consider the fact that he went to high school in Ohio. You can't really quibble with that decision.


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