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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Quarterback again

I figured it would take one loss to rear the ugly quarterback question up again and it did. Just got a letter to the editor begging for Matt Flynn to play.

Look, JaMarcus Russell didn't have his best game. He probably didn't make his best decisions in the final minute of the Auburn game.

But LSU isn't even close to scoring at the end of the game if Flynn is in there. That's no knock on Flynn, but Russell's arm strength alone gave LSU its best shot at that point in the game.

Now, if Ryan Perrilloux had a little more experience, it would have been interesting to see what his mobility could do against a fast Auburn defense.

Still, only in the rarest of cases is the best quarterback not on the field. Just ask the Miami fans who wanted Brock Berlin benched in favor of Kyle Wright if the coaches knew what they were doing by playing Berlin instead of Wright?


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