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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Time to move on

Well, it appears Oklahoma holds a slight lead over LSU in whining about the officiating in last weekend's games.

Oklahoma fired its first shot -- and it was a good one -- on Monday when the school president, David Boren, started talking crazy about getting the Sooners' loss to Oregon stricken from the record book because of a couple of bad calls late.

LSU answered with coach Les Miles disagreeing with the SEC's assessment of a pass interference call against Auburn late in the fourth quarter that was picked up by the officials.

Give OU a big edge there.

OU came back on Tuesday and threatened not to return a trip to Washington if the Pac-10 doesn't change its policy toward having Pac-10 refs at Pac-10 home games in nonconference.

LSU answered with AD Skip Bertman respectfully disagreeing with the SEC's stance. Again, an edge to OU in the whining department.

Look, in both cases, the officials were part of the story. No one wants the officials to be part of the story. But Oklahoma and LSU both still had chances to win and both didn't.

Here we are in the middle of the week still talking about this mess.

It's time for LSU - and Oklahoma - to move on to the rest of the season.


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