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Friday, September 15, 2006

Talking hoops

So I'm looking at Athlon's college basketball magazine and I have one question: What are these people thinking?

The magazine picks Florida to win the SEC East. With five starters back from a national championship team that is really going out on a limb, but you would be foolish not to pick the Gators in the East.

In the West, though, you might think LSU would be the pick. The Tigers did win the West and the SEC regular season title last year. Their only significant player losses were guard Darrel Mitchell and forward Tyrus Thomas. Yet Alabama is the magazine's pick in the West.

Now, Alabama may win the SEC West. The Crimson Tide certainly has enough talent. Although they were talented last year and didn't win it.

But if a Final Four team returns the SEC Player of the Year and has experienced players (Tack Minor, Magnum Rolle and Darnell Lazare) to replace Mitchell and Thomas, then don't you think a safer pick would be the team that has done it before?


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