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Friday, September 15, 2006


This Auburn-LSU game Saturday better be good. I feel as if I have already played in such a huge game. There is something that all sportswriters dread. THE TAB! It's those special football sections that come out every August that you folks gobble up like batteries when a hurricane's in the Gulf.
Previewing this Auburn-LSU game has been like working on THE TAB.
It has reminded me of the build-up for my first Alabama-Auburn game back in 1993. This game is not that big yet, but it's getting there. There are so many stories, so many angles. On Thursday, I was wishing for another day. But I think I got everything in.
The reason there are so many stories in, around and behind this game is because the players love games like this, and they like talking about it to reporters.
LSU left guard Will Arnold seemed like a completely new person on Monday. He wouldn't shut up. Auburn's players have been the same way. Players from both sides have enjoyed talking about this game so much, they're calling one another. LSU receiver Dwayne Bowe and Auburn cornerback David Irons are friends and have been talking all week.
On Tuesday after LSU's practice, Times Picayune writer Ted Lewis was interviewing Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp on the phone while LSU free safety LaRon Landry was being interviewed. Muschamp used to coach Landry when he was LSU's defensive coordinator.
"Hey LaRon," Lewis said to Landry, interrupting my interview. "Someone wants to talk to you."
Landry and Muschamp talked for a few minutes.
It's been an interesting week. The LSU-Auburn series is one of the friendliest in the nation. It's also one of the best. There have been spectacular offensive games. In 1997, LSU's Cecil Collins and Auburn's Dameyune Craig put on a show. There have been great defensive games, which was the case in 2004. There have been many just flat strange games, and they all have nicknames. I've been on both sides of it, having covered Alabama and Auburn at the Mobile, Ala., paper from 1993-98.
But enough talk.
Kick that dang thing off.
But there's no sense stopping the talk of the game just because it kicks off.
Send your comments about the game during the game to me at:
I'll be responding from the pressbox beginning at halftime and throughout the game.



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