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Monday, September 11, 2006

More Random Thoughts

Take this from someone who doesn't drink the purple Kool-Aid, LSU looks awfully darn salty. Coordinators Jimbo Fisher and Bo Pelini have their units playing at midseason form. However, LSU can't keep turning over the ball.

As tough as both LSU and Auburn are on defense, it wouldn't surprise me to see the first team to reach 10 points win.

I can't help but think Tennessee isn't much better this year than last. If so, how bad is the trendy pick of California to rise up and challenge USC?

Is it that Ohio State's defense is better than advertised or is the Texas offense worse than we thought? I've got to give it up to the Buckeye defense. There just isn't anyone left on Ohio State's schedule that can stop them. Therefore, who will the Buckeyes face for the title?

Right now, one has to go with either USC or Notre Dame. Why not West Virginia, LSU or Auburn? Because they have conference championship games to contend with whereas the Trojans and Irish only need to face off against each other.

Reggie Bush didn't have that "Jordan moment," but it was still a solid effort in a rookie's first game. Meanwhile, Joseph Addai averaged more yards per carry (3.7 vs. 1.8) than Dominic Rhodes against one stingy N.Y. Giants defense. Expect Addai to take the starting role by Week 4 and have a breakout game against the N.Y. Jets.

Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star on Eddie Kennison: "Kennison is 33 and on his one deep pass Sunday the defensive back covered him so closely you would have sworn they were wearing the same pants."

OUCH! And you thought Trent Green got slobberknocked!


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