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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Worse than expected

I realize most people aren't thinking baskeball these days but for the few that have bothered to notice, LSU basketball is way worse than I expected.

The home-court loss to Nicholls was alarming. The 20-point beatdown at home to North Texas was amazing. And now a loss on the road to Rice.

I think Trent Johnson is a good basketball coach when it comes to Xs and Os and such. He's not much of a promoter which, unfortunately, you need to be in that position. If the best promoting is winning,he might want to consider speeding up the timetable. Sure, Turner and Stringer are good pieces to build with as freshmen. But there may not be three more years at the rate these beatings keep happening.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Recruiting update

Remember when LSU fans were all worried about Nick Saban coming into Louisiana and raiding the state of its best players?

Well, Saban has picked off a player or two here and there -- Luther Davis and Robbie Green being among the most prominent.

But it appears another school in Alabama may be an even bigger threat to LSU recruiting.

No one much cared when DeAngelo Benton made his signing day switch to Auburn. After all, Rueben Randle signed with LSU.

Last year, more than a few fans were annoyned with Thibodaux wide receiver Trovon Reed when he signed with Auburn. Reed was the top player in the state and he was leaving the state.

Well, it's still early and lots could happen, but if Les Miles isn't careful Auburn could do a serious number on his recruiting class.

Here's what has happened and could happen.

Thibodaux offensive lineman Greg Robinson has committed to Auburn. Robinson is considered among the state's and nation's best prospects. He could play all five positions on the offensive line and could even see playing time as a freshman.

Now here's where it could really get bad for Miles and LSU. Running back Jeremy Hill of Redemptorist has decommitted and has made visits to Alabama and Auburn already. He has plans to visit Florida State and Tennessee and he is keeping LSU in the mix.

His teammate, offensive lineman La'el Collins, is also still taking visits. Although Collins hasn't decommitted.

If Hill and Collins join Robinson at Auburn, what once was going to be one of the great recruiting classes in LSU history takes a major hit.

Anyone still worried about Alabama?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Ridley predicament

Glenn Guilbeau has a good piece on Stevan Ridley's "academic dishonesty issue.'' I'll post the link when I get it.

So here are some thoughts.

1) Cam Newton's dad wanted $180,000 but he plays onl; Ridley is out for academics. Makes sense.

2) If Ridley doesn't regain his eligibility, who gets the carries? Michael Ford got more action as the season went along. Spencer Ware and Alfred Blue figure in the mix. But it's hard replacing a 1,000-yard rusher. The good news is with extra time (Cotton Bowl is on Jan. 7) LSU should be able to figure this out.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A look to the future

There is an early bird college football poll out right now. Here is the link.

Granted, these rankings don't take in to account juniors leaving early. Anybody really think Auburn is No. 6 without Cam Newton? And in LSU's case, Patrick Peterson is probably a goner.

Still, if you're an LSU fan you have to like your position. If you start at No. 3 then you usually have a shot at ending up in the top two.

The flip side is a couple of old enemies, Oklahoma and Alabama are ranked above.

So what do you think LSU fans? Would you take it? Or are you angry that Alabama is still ranked ahead of you?

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Anything goes, I guess

So the NCAA says, yes, Cecil Newton was shopping his son Cameron Newton. Yet Cam Newton is eligible to play (the NCAA says he didn't know of any price tag on his skills).

And the same NCAA that took years to get to the bottom of the Reggie Bush scandal at USC, took care of this one in months.

Sorry, at the least things look suspicious in this one. Maybe no one can prove money changed hands. But wouldn't a thorough investigation be better than this one done so hastily?

This has no effect on LSU. Even had Auburn forfeited every game in sight it would be Arkansas not LSU winning the West.

So my point is this: I think this was a ruling made with the information on hand at this point in time. And that is not all of the information that could be gathered. But so that this wouldn't hang over the SEC Championship Game, the Heisman Trophy and possibly the national championship game, a ruling came out today.

But somewhere there are some folks who will abuse this "the-Dad-knew-but-the-kid-didn't-loophole.'' You know they will.