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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Looking up to Les

I'll be the first person to admit to not being a big Les Miles fan. (That Tennessee game in 2005 is hard to overcome.)

However, Miles must be thought of rather highly in the coaching fraternity.

The Sporting News reports this week that Penn State coach Joe Paterno went to LSU this offseason to visit with Miles and his staff to discuss how they used quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

It seems Penn State quarterback Anthony Morelli (6-4, 232) also has a big arm as well as big size. So the Nittany Lions were interested in seeing what they could get from LSU that would help Morelli in the coming year.

So maybe I need to give Miles a little less criticism and a little more love. If he's good enough for JoePa he ought to be good enough for me and the other skeptics.


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