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Saturday, March 24, 2007

The trouble with closed practices

Fans generally think the media is whining when there are complaints about a coach closing practice.

And in some cases, that's probably so.

But here is the problem, particularly with a football coach closing practice.

I take you back to 1991. New LSU coach Curley Hallman decides closing practices is the way to go.

So that August, we get all of these releases from LSU's sports information office about how good Chad Loup is looking at quarterback. You know, "Loup was 14-of-18 passing today.'' And so, with practices closed, you are left to report what you are told. And the fans are left to believe that, wow, Chad Loup is looking good.

Nothing against Chad Loup, but the Tigers struggled mightily that year -- really all four years -- under Hallman.

The closed practices did no one any favors.

I bring this up now because we have been told for a month how Ryan Perrilloux was pushing Matt Flynn for the starting quarterback job.

Perrilloux may indeed push him for the starting job. But not right now. Perrilloux was 8-of-23 passing with fans in the stands on Saturday.

That's not exactly what many had been led to believe.

I realize one man's objections won't change a coach's philosophy. But the point is that all of these "scrimmage stats'' released by the school should be taken with a skeptical view.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perriloux didn't have Early Doucet (who accounted for all but 20 of Flynn's yards), and he also didn't have Murphy or Williams at RB. LaFell dropped several passes as well.

8:15 AM  

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