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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Look for Fun 'N' Gun

New offensive coordinator Gary Crowton needs to write a thank you note to former LSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher for making a lateral move at best to Florida State.

Yes, LSU is minus one spectacular quarterback in JaMarcus Russell and two excellent receivers in Dwayne Bowe and Craig Davis, but Crowton never had this kind of talent at Oregon, Brigham Young, Louisiana Tech or even at Snow College.

As good and consistent an offensive coordinator as Fisher was despite different quarterbacks nearly every season, I think we might see more fireworks out of Crowton with the talent at his disposal.

Matt Flynn is an inexperienced quarterback in games played and pressure situations played, but he's a senior who has played in spots and showed that he's ready to play in Saturday's spring game against a pretty good defense. LSU is still loaded at receiver, too, even though it's inexperienced at the moment. Trindon Holliday will be all over the field from various starting points.

The offensive line, particularly with blocking tight end Keith Zinger back, looks better than last year as does the backfield with Keiland Williams and Richard Murphy, who could be LSU's first game breaking tailback since Justin Vincent was a freshman in 2003.

Crowton seems like a kid in a candy store and he is not shy. As good as Fisher was he grew too concerned with being balanced all the time. It's great to be balanced because that makes you unpredictable. But when you have JaMarcus Russell, why be balanced? Play to your strength. I bet you right now that NFL personnel all over the country are wondering why a quarterback with the freakish talent of Russell, who will be the No. 1 pick in the draft, has only two 300-yard passing games in his career?

Crowton's not going to worry about being balanced unless that's his best attack. Crowton's not going to hold anything back like Fisher and head coach Les Miles tended to hold Russell back. (Check Auburn game). If no one covers wide receiver Early Doucet, he'll keep going to Doucet as he did in the spring game. But he'll try a lot of different things too - the option, Holliday, Murphy, Williams, two quarterbacks.

It's going to be a very interesting season offensively for LSU.


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