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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bye bye Baby

So Glen "Big Baby Davis'' is leaving LSU for the NBA.

There's no shock there.

Only mildly surprising was the news that Davis has an agent.

“Over the last week, I have interviewed with a select group of agents and met with Coach (John) Brady to help make my decision. Today, I am formally announcing that I will be giving up my remaining year of eligibility and will sign with John Hamilton of Performance Sports Inc. for early entry into the NBA Draft,'' Davis said today.

Signing with an agent means Davis is out of LSU early just like Tyrus Thomas and Brandon Bass and Stromile Swift before him.

Davis addressed the reason why he will have an agent.

"I feel it is critical for me to have an agent with me to prepare for the pre-draft evaluation process,'' Davis said. "The process has been moved up by the NBA to late May. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the challenge.''

The bigger question for LSU fans is how they will replace Davis.

While some thought LSU played better without Davis this year, that idea was crazy.

LSU will need some new stars next year. As it is, don't look for the Tigers to be a preseason pick to win the SEC West next year.


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