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Sunday, March 25, 2007

What about Bob?

Monday's night game against Connecticut will be the biggest in Bob Starkey's short head coaching career for a couple of reasons.

Win it and the Lady Tigers are back in the Final Four for a fourth consecutive year.

Win it and you have to take Starkey as a serious candidate for the job, don't you?

I mean, LSU elevated Pokey Chatman for accomplishing the same feat. And Starkey would have a win over UConn on the wall.

But lose it and Starkey isn't nearly as strong a candidate. Let's face it, the teams LSU has beaten to get to this point haven't been strong. Heck, Connecticut is the first single-digit seed for the Lady Tigers to play in the tournament this year. There just isn't much credit to hand out for the first three wins in the tournament.

So tomorrow night's game is a little bigger than most regional finals for LSU.


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