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Monday, October 16, 2006

BCS a waste for Tigers

The BCS came out ... and no one here cared.

As expected, Ohio State, USC, Michigan, West Virginia and Louisville emerge as the only true contenders for the national championship game. At least four of those five teams face off against each other, with USC running wild over the Pac 10 until its meeting with Notre Dame.

Yet, there sits Auburn and Florida hanging around should the season turn over into a mad frenzy of upsets.

Meanwhile, LSU is buried. Behind the likes of Boise State, Rutgers, Clemson and Nebraska.

LSU needs to close fast in order to restore its belief that it is one of the premiere programs in the country. LSU MUST win at Tennessee. LSU must beat upstart Arkansas. LSU must win its bowl game.

A lack of big game wins is a glaring mark on the Les Miles scorecard. I count only one, an overtimer last season over Auburn at home. Sorry, but the Miami win is losing its value by the week.

Even beating Arkansas, which LSU would be expected to do based on the recent history, won't earn LSU much. By that time, the rest of the nation will be focusing on other games such as those with national title implications.


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