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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Back to receive

Chevis Jackson fumbles a punt in the opener that leads to ULL's only points. He fumbles another punt against Florida that leads to another touchdown.

So why, in Week 7, does Les Miles finally decide maybe having somebody different back there is a good idea? Shouldn't that have been a thought by about, oh, week 2?

After practice today Miles talked about having Craig Davis returning punts, as well as Jackson.

"He (Davis) looked really good,'' Miles said. "I think he and Chevis (Jackson) will be back there. We will go another day before we decide which one will go first. Buster has capable ball skills, fields the ball well and he will be a dangerous return man.''

Look, I don't know how Davis will do returning punts. I do know Jackson has struggled at times catching punts. And catching the ball is the most important thing a punt returner does.

You'd like to think that half a season wouldn't be required to figuring out what player to use on punt returns.

But apparently that isn't the case.


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