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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Woe is we

Did I really read it somewhere that Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville believes SEC schools can't win a national championship without a playoff system? Sorry, Tubs, LSU comes to mind.

The SEC is an incredible conference, the best there is by far, but following the LSU title, Auburn finished its season undefeated and in line for the national championship ... instead we were all stuck with the debacle that was USC vs. Oklahoma.

If Tuberville wants to make the case for a playoff system, fine, but he'd better start coming up with better arguments than what he's offered up this week. And, he needs his team to start looking better than it has over the course of the season should they run the table and expect to make the BCS championship game.

Yes, style points still count!

I still don't understand how LSU could have lost the Auburn game.


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