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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why is LSU ranked?

Before the LSU-Florida game I was talking to one of these LSU fans disguised as a member of the media. I was half kidding because I graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia, but I said, "Missouri's undefeated and it's ranked No. 25."
The media fan said, "C'mon," as I swore purple and gold smoke exuded from his ears. "Who have they played?"
My question to him, "Who has LSU beaten?"
In other words, why was LSU ranked as high as No. 9 before the Florida game and No. 14 afterwards. The Tigers have played impressively in their four wins, but they are over the likes of ULL, Arizona, Tulane and Mississippi State.
Sure, LSU played Auburn close in a 7-3 loss, but it couldn't even score a touchdown. Auburn has since allowed 44 points in its last two SEC games. That Auburn defense is not that good. For all the mistakes LSU made against Auburn, it still only had two good drives the whole game and basically gave up after getting behind 23-7 with nearly two whole quarters left to play.
Missouri has a better journalism school than LSU, and this year for all we know it's football team is better, too.



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