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Monday, August 16, 2010

So long, Zach

Zach Lee will go down in LSU history as the best quarterback who never played. At least that's the feeling you would get fro the LSU football practice reports each day.

Anyway, no one should be surprised that Lee signed. First of all, first-round picks are usually pretty much locks to sign with major league teams. Throw in the fact that he was drafted by a big-market team (the Los Angeles Dodgers) and LSU's best hope was a messy divorced between the Dodgers owners.

The problem here isn't with Lee. After all, who would tell their child to turn down $5.25 million over five years?

The bigger problem is with Les Miles who ran off one quarterback (Chris Garrett) and lost another one (Lee) to baseball leaving him with Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee.

This will need to be a great offensive line or Miles will have some explaining to do about being so thing at the quarterback position.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LSU is one of the great colleges around this United States,a school where young men and women grow and learn together..That over the years becomes a time and place that becomes the memories of our youth.
What price is that, to a person coming out of high school?
What kind of a difference does it make, to the young people going there?
Five million dollars is a lot of money.But four years of college,means a lot also..There much more to life then money,money comes, and goes, like yesterdays life stile..What last between people, is how we feel about one another..The affections we have for the people we are friends with..That friendship is priceless.A lot of my friendships started in college.
Zach Lee took the money, and I hope he goes to college also any way,so he does not short change him self.
Les Miles and LSU are working hard to win football games..I think they are just great.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miles will deeply regret (in 2012, '13) that he released Chris Garrett, gambling on Zach Lee, just like he deeply regrets (in 2008, '09) that he had to give up on Ryan Perrilloux.

3:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LSU should be looking for a star, back-up QB who wants to transfer, e.g. Mustain from Ark. to USC, Snead from UT to Ole Miss. Or maybe take a chance, e.g. Masoli from Oregon to Ole MIss.

6:04 AM  

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