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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SEC Media Days, Day 1

Does anybody want to talk football?

Apparently not. The big story of the day was those nasty agents. So far Florida, Alabama and South Carolina have their agent investigations going. LSU has its own investigation from the Akieem Hicks days. The NCAA wants to talk to Georgia. That's nearly half of the SEC.

On to LSU-related items.

This exchange makes me think Billy Gonzales leaving Florida for LSU wasn't all that smooth.

Question to Urban Meyer: You already touched on some of the (staff) turnover. You lose Billy Gonzales. Can you touch on some of the things he brought to the table when he was on your staff.
Answer: "I made a comment earlier. I thought he was a great coach. He'll do a great job at LSU.''


For what it's worth, Nick Saban handed out some compliments to his former employer.

"I think LSU has a lot of good players, quarterback back, good skill players.They've always had pretty good players and done a good job coaching them.''

Sounds to me like Nick wants Les Miles to stick around.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't Saban want Miles to stick around. He's going to whip him like Bear Bryant whipped Charley Mc year after year. Charley Mc was a great coach except for being in the same conference with AL.

4:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes,Saban is always recruiting,I think he recruits in his sleep.
He know better then anyone, that Les Miles is not a real college football coach..Only the divine gods in the big blue sky, know what Skip was think when he hired Les Miles..Skip must have been drinking some strong tea.
Not only did LSU lose a good head football coach when Saban went to coach in pro-football,but LSU got stuck into a very bad marriage with a phony Bologna.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the NCAA trying to help or hurt college football?
I think we should go investigate their young children and see what we find?

12:14 PM  

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