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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summertime blues

A year ago, LSU was making a run to its sixth national championship in baseball. This year, the Tigers may have lost in the NCAA tournament to the eventual national champion as UCLA looks pretty good.

Anyway, it's kind of a dead time of the year.

But the recent edition of The Sporting News had an interesting discussion with a panel of SEC coaches.

Here is one snippet that LSU fans should find interesting.

Q: Two coaches in particular -- Mark Richt and Les Miles -- are feeling the pressure to win now. Fair or unfair?

(We won't go into Richt's answer here)

Miles' answer: "I've always thought it was my responsibility to allow an assistant coach to make a living, so the pressure to win is always mine. No one can have greater pressure than what is self-imposed. You know, historically, we've been pretty good. Without tooting your own horn, when you're the winningest coach in your first five years at the school you're currently coaching, you enjoy that. You get a certain understanding of the accomplishments that have been made. The whole (hot seat) notion is crazy. But that's today. That's America. We want it now.''

So Miles wants to take credit for the best record in the first five years at LSU when he was left a loaded team? Please. Larry Coker did the man no favors and neither did the fiasco at Ole Miss. Nor the .500 SEC record over the last two years.

Miles would be wise to crank out a 10-win season and get back to Atlanta. Do that and everybody will get off your case. As it is, he has much to prove -- and with good reason.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That all in-portent winning momentum, seemed to drift into yesterday tears, after the 2007 NC year.
Everyone was really was surprise, because that team only lost 11 first line players...But apparently, that was enough of a lost, to derail the train?
The most telling lose, was LSU defense leader Bo,who is now the head coach at Nebraska.
Miles made a terrible blunder, by not hiring a new defense replacement,only making two ass defense coaches, co- defense leaders, to play 2009 with...and it was a defense mess.
What does that tell you?
I think I am going to get sick...Heavens,LSU has a head coach, who cant coach.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear sports writers and LSU fans:
I do not think that it matters all that much just who is the head football coach coaching the LSU football team this year.
All this years 2010 LSU football players have heard so far is how bad and dumb the LSU QB have played,and the team this year might have some speed, but the lineman are really to small, and will be just run over by the big tough strong Alabama,Florida,North Carolina, teams.
Everyone have said, and are saying now, that Les Miles is a bad football head coach, and all the LSU head men running LSU, will start looking for another man to coach at LSU, if Milkes loses to North Carolina.
I think that everyone saying that are dead wrong about Les Miles and this year LSU football team,and that this years team this year do not need to know how bad or good Les Miles coaching is.
all these players want coach Miles to do this year, is give them the ball, and tell them to go play...This 2010 LSU team will do the rest.
I think this LSU team likes Les Miles, and they do not like you,and the other people saying bad things about them,look out.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ate no cure for the summer times blues"...I rather sing, crying is bad news.
I was talking with my friends, about LSU chances this coming football season,and we all agreed that we just might get lucky and win them all.

2:51 AM  
Anonymous marcust224 said...

Whether or not Les Miles can coach, (& I think the last 2 seasons speak for themselves), it largely comes down to good players playing up to their abilities. So the question remains, are the current players overrated or under-coached?

6:31 PM  

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