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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baseball thoughts

LSU's baseball team makes a rare north Louisiana appearance tonight when the Tigers play Northwestern State at Shreveport's Fair Grounds Field.

Why Shreveport? Simply put this was NSU's home game. The school is receiving roughly $50,000 from the Shreveport-Bossier Captains baseball team to play the game here and LSU didn't balk at the extra hour drive time.

The game was originally scheduled for early March but was rained out. The contract had an April 20 makeup date and so here we are.

But as LSU coach Paul Mianieri pointed out, the Tigers would have been better served playing this game with NSU at home and Wednesday's game up north instead of vice versa.

We're just about to reach the point in the season where it will be time to start paying closer attention to LSU baseball, but here are some quick thoughts.

1) LSU is kind of deep in pitching. By that I mean there are quite a few possibilities. But the kind of part is that you'd like to have seen some pitchers emerge into set roles by now. Outside of Anthony Ranaudo, the weekend rotation can be either good or not so much.
2) Leon Landry has put together a nice season. For a guy who once was better with the glove than the bat, he is becoming an all-around player.
3) Micah Gibbs has been consistent and is the rare offensive weapon behnd the plate.

There's still a lot of season left. But at least the games should become more meaningful as the weeks progress.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend who happens to be a older person told me "That Louisiana always was a good Baseball state".
The LSU Baseball team won a National Championship last year, and are starting to develop a lot of baseball excitement-- over weather or not they can keep playing at a championship level?

3:30 AM  

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