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Monday, October 05, 2009

Charles Scott should be primary back, period

BATON ROUGE - I am reversing my field, which is something LSU tailback Charles Scott rarely does.

Earlier this season I said that Keiland Williams will be the answer at tailback, mainly because Scott was the best blocking fullback LSU had. While that is still a very good strategy, LSU's best tailback was and still is Scott.

And this is not just because Scott is coming off the best game by an LSU tailback since Scott gained 114 yards on 12 carries against Tulane last season.

Scott gained 95 yards on 19 carries and scored two touchdowns in the Tigers' 20-13 victory at Georgia Saturday and was named the Southeastern Conference offensive player of the week.

Scott dominated the game. He also won the game with a 33-yard touchdown run with 44 seconds to go. Scott had some good blocking on the play by center T-Bob Hebert, tackle Ciron Black and wide receiver Chris Mitchell, but Scott also ran through and over tacklers.

This is why Scott deserves the most carries in every game LSU plays this season, unless something happens strategically where Williams or someone else gets hot. Williams may be better at running out of the spread. Williams is a very good back and will likely play in the NFL, but he's just not as strong a runner as Scott. He doesn't hit the hole as hard. He also doesn't hit the no-hole as hard. And since LSU has an average offensive line this season, you need a runner who doesn't always need blocking. That is Scott.

Scott often just pushes defenders for a few yards. This is very important on short-yardage situations when there is often little or no blocking. This is how Scott scored his 2-yard touchdown run to give the Tigers a 12-7 lead with 2:53 to play in the game.

Williams may be faster and maybe he would be more effective with a better offensive line, but LSU does not have that offensive line this season. Scott is the back for an average offensive line, and he is faster than you think. After he made it through the first wave of tacklers on the 33-yard run, his sprint the rest of the way was as fast as it needed to be.

Scott and LSU's offensive line will likely not do nearly as well against Florida Saturday night as they did against Georgia last week. Florida is No. 2 in the SEC against the rush with 92.8 yards allowed a game and is No. 1 in total defense with 212.8 yards given up a game. Georgia is No. 8 in the league in rush defense with 121.4 yards allowed a game and 11th in the SEC in total defense with 358.2 yards allowed a game. But Scott is the one to get the tough yards, which LSU needs to balance its offense even if he only gains 50 yards on 19 carries.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good points, G.G. But LSU is not going to be able to line up and run over or through FL. They will have to keep FL guessing by accurate passing ... and no dropped passes by the WRs and TEs. 3 yards and a cloud of dust won't win it. 4-5 yards [per carry] might, though.

3:44 AM  

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