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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quit Whining, LSU fans

BATON ROUGE - LSU fans need to quit whining. They whined all year about the LSU baseball team, and if I remember right that team ended up having a pretty good season. They whined about Jared Mitchell striking out too much and getting picked off. Yet he was a hero of the College World Series and got drafted in the first round.

LSU fans, sometimes you don't know what you have. You have a very good football team this season that could end up being great.

Everyone wanted a blowout against Vanderbilt Saturday. Yes, the Tigers could have beaten the Commodores more handily than 23-9 with touchdowns instead of field goals, but Vanderbilt is a tougher team than people realize.

Blowout victories are overrated anyway. LSU started the 2008 season with 41-13 and 41-3 victories over inferior opponents, and those games hid problem areas that LSU learned later and never solved. In 1991, LSU beat Arkansas State 70-14, and the Tigers finished 5-6.

LSU's play in its first two games against more decent teams than it usually plays early on this year have given the coaches a sense of urgency that they didn't have at this point last season, and that hurt LSU.

In the long run, LSU will be better off this season because of mistakes made and mistakes corrected during the first two weeks. Fans need to look at these first four games as preseason games. LSU should not be showing a lot on offense or defense. If a blowout victory over ULL this Saturday shows too much of the offense, then it's not necessary.

Yes, LSU needs to work more on its vertical passing game, but it is smarter to bring quarterback Jordan Jefferson along more slowly. LSU's coaches made a big mistake last year by trying to treat Jarrett Lee as if he was already JaMarcus Russell. And it backfired with interception after interception.

LSU should blow out ULL Saturday, but it shouldn't open up its playbook too much. The preseason, which continues next week at Mississippi State, is about getting better and learning your personnel. It's not about producing pretty scores. It's not like LSU needs to play pretty for rankings anyway. It has played average in its first two games, and it's still ranked No. 7 in the USA Today poll.

I even heard a fan on the radio yesterday ask if youth was the problem on defense. Uh, LSU's defense just held an SEC team to one offensive score. That does not happen often.

Your team is very good folks, and it's going to only get better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make a decent point re: whining. Blowout wins against 'quality' oppontents, however, ARE significant ... i.e. a dominating team. Witness the 59-13 win at Arizona in the '03 championship season. The team [and coach] not only wanted to win, they wanted to dominate the opponent. That's what learned LSU fans were looking for at Wash. and against Vandy - a team full of players that want to beat their opponent on every play. Blowouts wins over non-BCS and/or I-AA teams are less significant.

3:21 PM  

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