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Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Offensive" questions getting to Miles?

BATON ROUGE - LSU has the worst offense in the Southeastern Conference at the moment. Its 325.7 yards a game is also 90th in the nation.

LSU coach Les Miles, who is heavily involved with the offense and stays away from the defense for the most part, did not need to see that statistic to criticize the offense himself after his team's lackluster 31-3 win over Louisiana-Lafayette Saturday. He criticized it again before questions at his weekly luncheon on Monday. Then during the queston-and-answer portion, he patiently answered questions about his offense.

He was asked about his offense's "identity" again on Wednesday during the weekly SEC media teleconference.

The queston was, "What is it, and if not (if the offense lacks identity), what do you hope it is?"
Miles gave another patient answer, but it did not really answer the question.

"I think the responsibility of LSU is to play at a very high level and play for championships," he said. "I think that that is a pretty standard feel for our team. I think the want to get the ball to the playmakers and to make plays is certainly a piece of the puzzle on offense that we're working on very, very, very hard. In terms of personality of the team, this team wants to win. And that hadn't changed. I enjoy the position this team is in. Do we have to improve? You betcha. We have to improve every week. In terms of personality, I think it's competitive."

Then the same questioner on the teleconference - a reporter from the Baton Rouge Advocate - basically repeated the same question about finding the plays on offense that LSU is best at. And the normally mild-mannered Miles apparently had had enough.

"What we call on Saturdays is what we're best at," he said tersely, and there would be no elaboration.

As Miles' 10 minutes was now up, the moderator from the SEC office bid the coach adieu. Miles usually says a polite goodbye at this point. Not this time. It was more like this:

Look for LSU's offense to be improved Saturday at Mississippi State.

And look for more on LSU's offense in Saturday's Shreveport Times and other Gannett Louisiana papers and on www.LSUbeat.com Saturday with an exclusive interview with LSU offensive coordinator Gary Crowton.


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