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Friday, September 18, 2009

MAIL CALL! Talking back to your comments

BATON ROUGE - To the "Anonymous," commenters on the LSUbeat.com website, please be a Tiger and sign your name or code.

One "Anonymous" comment on my Associated Press poll voting agreed with LSU not being ranked in the top 10 at No. 13. Another commenter was glad that reading my voting each week was free. Sharp humor. Like it.

Another "Anonymous" comment said I have Ole Miss ranked so high at No. 7 because of its schedule. Wrong. I've heard schedule comparisons a lot from LSU fans whom I think fear that Ole Miss and Alabama will have better seasons than LSU. This is a silly argument, particularly concerning SEC teams.

First of all, one never really knows how tough a schedule is until one knows how good all the teams on it really are, and that usually is not learned until the end or near the end of the season. For example, LSU's 2005 schedule was viewed as difficult partly because it featured No. 10 Tennessee, which beat LSU. But Tennessee ended up 5-6. Washington looks like it makes LSU's schedule tough, now, but what if UW finishes 4-8, which I think it will?

Secondly, how can an SEC team like Ole Miss have an easy schedule? It's in the SEC, the toughest league in America. Sooner or later it's going to have to play somebody or two.

Everything evens out in the SEC. And if Ole Miss beats LSU this season, which could happen, does it matter if Ole Miss had an easier schedule? If you beat a team, more often than not you're better than that team regardless of the teams you played before or will play after that game.
I rank Ole Miss No. 7 because I think Ole Miss is that good and its coach is that good, and because I think the Rebels will have that good of a season.

Pastor Robertson made a nice comment about the blog concerning Les Miles not really being a gambler. He made an excellent point about the national media building and enhancing labels. This is very true. National media members like labels because it makes their job easier. They don't have to research. Unfortunately, if they did research, they would find that Miles is not a gambler.

Thanks to "brerrabbit" for praising my honesty. That is really all I try to do regardless of the repercussions. Unfortunately, the truth more than anything is really what makes fans mad.
"RaginCajuns1" said I got the story on the LSU's impact in the NFL from LSU's "media guide."

That is true in a way. LSU sent out a release last week trumpeting LSU's 47 players on NFL rosters. But the media guide would have rejected the facts I presented concerning former coach Nick Saban's huge impact on the tremendous talent entering and leaving LSU over the last several years. Obviously, LSU's media relations department does not want to praise Saban, and I understand that. But the truth is the truth.

"Twitterer" conceded that Saban did a great job at LSU but questioned his talent as a family man and father. This is completely out of line even if it's true. And, believe me, if Miles, who truly is a great family man, goes 8-5 a few more times, "Twitterer" and LSU fans will not care if Miles is the father of the year. LSU fans wanted previous LSU coaches who were great people and great family men - Charles McClendon, Jerry Stovall and Mike Archer - fired, and they got their wish.

I've heard this personal criticism of Saban in the past, and it is way off base. Funny, LSU fans rarely brought it up when he was here.

Until next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad Coach MIles agrees with my assessment in a comment last week (re: the blog, "Quit Whining, LSU Fans") when he (Miles) said, "We must play dominant football." Let's play to dominate, not just to win.

7:07 PM  

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