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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

LSU should order some Chavis with a blitz chaser

BATON ROUGE - Former Tennessee defensive coordinator John Chavis is hot, he's available, he's known for the blitz and he is Southeastern Conference aged.

LSU coach Les Miles needs to act quickly and try to hire the 52-year-old Chavis as soon as possible. Arkansas may already be looking at Chavis. And if South Carolina defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson becomes the new head coach at Mississippi State, Chavis may want to be the defensive coordinator at South Carolina. He is a native of Dillon, S.C.

Chavis had been Tennessee's defensive coordinator since 1995, and through most of those years the Vols had among the best defenses in the SEC. He is also known as a blitz bandit. The blitz is his answer to everything, and his blitzes come from every area of the field. The blitz has been a problem at LSU for most of the last four seasons, particularly this season. Chavis knows the SEC. He cut his teeth going against the master - Steve Spurrier when he was at Florida.

With Lane Kiffin replacing Phillip Fulmer as Tennessee's new coach and with Kiffin's father Monte Kiffin likely coming in as the new defensive coordinator, Chavis is out from his alma mater. The elder Kiffin is the defensive coordinator with Tampa Bay in the NFL and known as the best defensive coach in that league.

What Miles should do is hire Chavis in time for LSU's bowl, so he can begin installing his new system immediately. That would add some much-needed spice to LSU's bowl for players as well as fans. It would also give the Tigers new defense a jump start into the 2009 season.

LSU's seniors probably do not need to play a lot in the bowl anyway as they are probably the least interested in whatever bowl that may be.

Chavis is interested in LSU, which paid former defensive coordinator Bo Pelini in the $450,000 range. Chavis made about $340,000 last season at Tennessee.

Unless Miles has someone better in mind, he should order some Chavis now. And LSU could bring in the holiday season with some Chevis.


Blogger ARKtiger said...

I agree with G.G. Miles should geaux for Chavis in a hurry. He needs a LOT of help on defense. AND he has to make the right hire, unlike Tuberville's failed off. coordinator this year.

8:57 AM  

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