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Saturday, November 15, 2008

What to make of Troy game?

Good luck finding even-handed analysis of the Troy game.

You'll find one camp of observers wildly celebrating one of the greatest comebacks in school history. (And rallying from 28 points down to win is impressive).

Then there is the other camp that is pissed off that LSU was down 28 points to a Sun Belt team in the second half. (And trailing by 28 to anyone in the Belt is embarrassing.''

Me? I have some thoughts, but I don't even know if those thoughts are valid.

But here goes:

1) There was a hangover from the Alabama game as well as being eliminated from the SEC title chase. There can be no other explanation for the slow start.

2) Spread offenses give this team all kinds of trouble.

3) LSU's superior talent eventually won out.

If you're going to have these "off'' nights, well, at least this came against such an inferior opponent that it could be overcome.


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