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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Interesting Miles take

I found some of Les Miles' quotes to be interesting following the Troy game, particularly in regard to the quarterback position.

“We tried. We were looking," Miles said. "We were searching like people in the audience, people in the stands, people at the grocery store, people that you drop the cleaning off at were saying, 'Try to do this.' So we got Jarrett a break. We put Jordan Jefferson in."

While I appreciate his honesty, I don't know if I rather wouldn't know that the coach is listening to what the people at the grocery story, cleaners or the stands are saying. If Miles had a clear reason for not playing Jordan Jefferson before Saturday night -- and I believe he does even though I'm not a huge Miles fan -- then I certainly wouldn't expect him to give in to the masses.

Then there was Miles on Jefferson's performance.

"Eventually he’s going to be a tremendous talent, but right now he could not handle the position that he was in," Miles said. " And it was unfair for us to continue to go with him. But I can tell you he really performed well in the things that we asked him to do. I think that there’s more playing time in it for Jordan Jefferson. And Jarrett Lee’s our quarterback. That's just the way it is."

He couldn't handle the position he was in because he hasn't progressed the way you would have expected. Look, I understand that most teams give the snaps to two quarterbacks during the week and Jefferson was No. 3. I get it. But since Hatch got hurt against Georgia, Jefferson should have been on an accelerated development program.

It's not the first time a quarterback situation has been botched at LSU. Heck, you could make a case that every coach at LSU since Dietzel has botched a quarterback situation at least once. But the fact is the coach and the player share some of the blame in this and not because the player "could not handle the position he was in.''


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