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Thursday, October 23, 2008

A house divided

BATON ROUGE - My niece, who is also my godchild, is a freshman at Georgia. She's returned home today to Mandeville for the big Georgia game at LSU.

Her mother put a little Bulldog magnet on the refrigerator back in August when the family first went up to Athens, Ga. Her little brother was very upset at the fridge decor as he is a huge LSU fan complete with hate of all things Saban.

"This is an LSU house," he said.

The magnet remains, perhaps out of respect for the daughter and perhaps out of respect for the money going over to UGA, which is a better school than LSU and harder to get into. Their dorms are also not relative squalor, and Athens is probably the best college town in America.

We've been planning a visit to Mandeville but have not been able to get the schedules to work. We were asked to come by Sunday afternoon, but I said that's a busy day for me.

"Oh yeah," the new Georgia mother said. "You're going to have to writing a lot about Georgia's win over LSU."

Little brother was not within earshot at the time.

Georgia may have the better school, but we'll find out Saturday which has the better football team. It's going to be a great game. But I'm wondering if it will be as competitive as Thanksgiving in Mandeville.


Blogger Patrick said...


This post kinda bothers me. Actually, it bothers me quite a bit. Let me give you some background on myself...I'm a LA boy (born and lived there for 4 years), and am all about everything LA, including LSU, where I had four relatives attend and graduate, and currently have two great friends attending.

Life has put me in the great state of GA (which would be greater without that other school in athens), where I am currently a senior at Georgia Tech. Though LA people may not know much about our rivalry, I can tell you I have just as much dislike for ugay as anybody.

All that being established, I have a bone to pick with this post. First, you state that UGAy is a "better school than LSU and harder to get into." The "better school" argument is almost entirely subjective, and I can tell you from too much first-hand experience that UGAy fans, and many students can lack a great deal of intelligence and common sense. Not that this isn't the case at any school, but be careful about comparing schools like that.

Secondly, you mention that UGAy is harder to get into. You are most likely correct, but not for reasons you may think. For reasons that only God knows, everybody and their mom in the state of GA applies to UGAy. This leads to a very large number of potential students being rejected. In fact, a higher percentage of HS students are accepted here at Tech than down the road in athens. Thus, UGAy is probably harder to get into than LSU. That being said, keep in mind that "academic toughness" isn't about getting in, it's about staying in.

Lastly, you say that athens is "probably the best college town in America". You are probably basing that off of gameday atmosphere. My issue with this is that being a great college town isn't only about having a good gameday atmosphere. It's about having places for students to flourish. If you've never been in the city away from campus (I have, sadly), then you've missed the overall trashiness of the city, which starts downtown (it smells like pee and beer). From that perspective, I would definitely argue that both Atlanta and BR are better "college towns" than athens.

All that being said, I can understand the suffering of having UGAy fans in your family, as I have dealt with them for the last 9+ years of my life (though thankfully not in my family). I, like the rest of my fellow Yellow Jackets, along with the Tiger within me, will be rooting for the Bayou Bengals to absolutely destroy the dogs on Saturday.

Geaux Tigers and GO JACKETS!!!!!

8:41 PM  

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