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Thursday, October 30, 2008

LSU can beat Bama

BATON ROUGE - It may suddenly not seem likely that LSU will beat Alabama a week from Saturday in Tiger Stadium, but I believe it could.

It is good that LSU is playing a weak Tulane team Saturday in order to prep itself for the mighty, undefeated and No. 2 Crimson Tide. LSU has been working on parts of its Alabama game plan this past week as it prepares to play Tulane. Teams often do this when playing arent-a-win opponent, which is what the Green Wave is. So, LSU has the best of both worlds. It sort of has an open week to regroup after the disastrous loss to Georgia, but it has a game on Saturday so as not to be sluggish or rusty for the next Saturday.

LSU has plenty of time to repair some things on defense and put some new things in. It can try some of these things against Tulane or try new players against Tulane to get their feet wet. Look for that to happen on defense. More good news is the fact that Alabama does not have as dangerous an offense as do Florida and Georgia.

The Tide is No. 1 in the SEC in rushing offense 205 yards a game, but it's pretty average in the passing department. Alabama is No. 10 in pass offense with 165 yards a game. Quarterback John Parker Wilson is much improved under new coordinator Jim McElwain. Major Applewhite was just not ready for that job last year and moved on. Wilson is No. 4 in the SEC in passing efficiency (right behind Jarrett Lee) with a 133.7 rating.

Alabama will surely move the ball on LSU. Doesn't everybody this year? But it will not hang 50 or 40 on the Tigers. If LSU can hold it in the high 20s or low 30s, the Tigers will have a good chance of winning. Only Florida stopped LSU's running game this season, and LSU really was out of that game early, which was the main reason the running game stalled.

LSU will be able to move the ball against Alabama very well. The Tide's pass defense is only No. 9 in the SEC with 200 yards a game, just ahead of LSU.

LSU also has more talent than Alabama. It just has not been playing well and has not been coached well. This is the LSU coaching staff's chance to save its season and show people what its got.

I sincerely hope LSU does beat Alabama for I don't think I will be able to take another week of the incessant whining, excuses, transfer of blame and other delusional behavior from LSU fans and from the those fans disguised as media members. The only reason LSU has lost these two games by so much is because it is just not any good so far this season. It has one more chance to show it is a good team on Nov. 8.

I'm worried about some of these fans and some in the media. They're going off the deep end. One grown man even called a radio show in tears after the Georgia loss. LSU needs a big win bad. Until Nov. 8, stay off the bridges.


Blogger Davy Fenton said...

Always love your pespective...and you're absolutely right. Lay off Lee (He's young, GA is good, Stafford is just a great QB as evidenced by that throw he made with someone hanging on his back, Tebow is Tebow, and our defense has real problems going all the back to Kentucky last year) and everyone relax--we can't win 10 games every year! Not going to happen in the SEC--even Saban only did it once. We can beat Bama--but they've got an experienced QB, too--and if we don't do something to at least attempt to confuse him or put pressure on him (but hey, what do we expect--remember Pelini saying the LSU defense Saban was running was "too complicated"?)we're going to get carved up early for Thanksgiving.

6:28 AM  

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