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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Not so fast, Urban

BATON ROUGE - Let's not be so quick to judge, Urban Meyer, particularly since your own Gator den has not been so pristine.

In reaction to LSU defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois' silly comments about wanting to take Florida quarterback Tim Tebow out of the game Saturday in Gainesville, Meyer trumpeted out the following sentence:

"You won't hear anybody say anything like that on this team."

So far so good. No Gators have been caught trash talking, but Meyer's comments could be taken as a veiled shot at LSU coach Les Miles and his program. If the worst thing an LSU player has done is Jean-Francois' comments, than LSU is doing pretty well.

In fact, excluding former quarterback Ryan Perrilloux, Miles' team has had very few incidents with the law over the last year. And, it should be noted, Perrilloux was never actually arrested while under Miles' watch. He was questioned by police a few times, but there were no arrests. Linebacker Derrick Odom was arrested multiple times early last season for violent behavior and was kicked off the team. And that's it.

Not so with Mr. Meyer. Florida safety Jamar Hornsby was arrested about a year ago on a charge of credit card fraud and still has his case pending. He allegedly used the credit card of a woman who was killed in a motorcycle accident. Meyer kicked him off the team.

And late last season, defensive end Jermaine Cunningham was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor battery for his role in a fight over a bag of potato chips at a sandwich shop in Gainesville. Cunningham remains on the team. Former LSU receiver Xavier Carter, who is from Melbourne, Fla., was at the scene as he has often been during arrests of LSU players over the last year. He was arrested for resisting arrest when the world class sprinter sprinted from the scene. Cunningham remains on the team and is a starter. In April of 2007, Gator offensive lineman Ron Wilson was arrested for firing an AK-47 assault rifle into the air at a Gainesville nightclub. He was later arrested again on a charge of possession of marijuana and narcotics equipment that was later dropped and he is back on the team.

But, hey Urban, it's great your players don't trash talk.


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