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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Perfect memory

Old friend Bo Pelini is taking some heat in Nebraska with back-to-back losses to Virginia Tech and Missouri. It's not an unfamiliar situation for Pelini. Check out this from an Associated Press story on Pelini and the Huskers:

Pelini said the situation at Nebraska is similar to the one he faced in his first year as LSU’s defensive coordinator in 2005. LSU won its opener 35-31 at Arizona State but gave up 560 yards, including 461 passing by Sam Keller, who later transferred to Nebraska. LSU lost its second game 30-27 in overtime to Tennessee after blowing a 21-0 halftime lead.

"Believe me, after my first two games at LSU, they wanted to run me out of the state," Pelini said. "You can ask anybody down there. I was No. 1 on the hate list in Louisiana for a while, and we changed that around."

Pelini said there is good chemistry and character on the team and that he isn’t letting a blowout loss affect the way he goes about his business.

"At no time do I feel I have to crawl in a hole and separate myself from the world," he said. "That’s not how I approach things. I’m the same guy I was two weeks ago. We have to stay the course and keep working."

I'd say Pelini's account of those first two games at LSU are right on the money. And, given time, he'll likely straighten out Nebraska as well.


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