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Friday, February 15, 2008


You've got to admire former Alabama receiver Joey Jones for thinking big after taking over the South Alabama (Yes, South Alabama) head football coaching job.

Here is a brief look from The Associated Press' story coverin his hiring.

In building the first team, Jones said he intends to “lock down” recruits along the Interstate 10 corridor on the Gulf Coast, particularly in Mobile.
“When they leave the Mobile area, it’s going to be tough on them,” Jones predicted.
He said the best players in the Southeast can be found on the I-10 corridor from Baton Rouge, La., to Panama City, Fla., and in a 150-radius of Mobile.

So if I'm reading this right, he is saying his recruiting area is similar to LSU's. Although LSU's reaches to Houston on the West and Jacksonville on the East.

I'm sure Nick Saban is amused by the "lock down'' of recruits in Mobile.

I mean what top-flight recruit is going to turn down Alabama,Auburn or LSU to go to South Alabama?

Again, I admire Jones for dreaming big. It's just a dose of reality might be necessary.


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