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Thursday, February 07, 2008


College football recruiting is a tricky thing.

You have to know how much time to invest in a recruit. You have to know when to pull off of a recruit you don't think you have a chance to sign.

I bring this up because of running back Darrell Scott who signed with Colorado.

Scott is the nation's top prospect at his position. It was thought he would sign with Colorado because he has an uncle playing on the Buffs' team. In the end, Colorado and Texas battled for his signature.

What does this have to do with LSU?

LSU was on his list, but Scott never visited LSU.

Scott told the New York Times that LSU didn't spend enough time recruiting him. And that he was worried about potential culture shock of moving from southern California to Baton Rouge.

So off went the Tigers from the list.

Which goes back to the question of investment. If you think he's going to wind up at another school, would it have been smart to spend "enough time recruiting him"? Or was LSU wise to move on to the next player?

As for the "potential culture shock'' hey, you win some and you lose some. LSU has had players from southern California -- John Williams in basketball, Rick Clausen in football -- and culture shock never came up.

It just shows how tricky recruiting can be.


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