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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

He's baaack

I know a lot of LSU fans don't want to hear this -- but Nick Saban just put together the kind of recruiting class that helped make LSU what it is today.

Now, the question is can Saban string some of those classes together in the future?

I thought Auburn would have put up more of a fight in state than it did this year.

And really, Alabama didn't get dinged as badly with players going out of state as it had in the past.

Julio Jones signing with the Tide today was somewhat surprising.

So now we have Saban making strides in Alabama.

Next year, Louisiana will have one of those red-letter recruiting years. The pressure will be on Les Miles to deliver a top-five kind of class to LSU.

But for now, Saban's best work since coming back to the SEC was done on Wednesday.


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