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Monday, December 10, 2007

Dorsey the real thing

BATON ROUGE - The Dorsey family may not be able to wait until after the NFL Draft this spring for that new house from likely first round pick Glenn Dorsey.

Dorsey, a senior defensive tackle from Gonzales outside Baton Rouge, picked up his fourth large, major trophy in a week's time Sunday. So the Dorseys may need the room now.

Dorsey, a 6-foot-2, 290-pound industrial sized fire plug, won the Lott Trophy Sunday after taking home the Lombardi, Nagurski and Outland last week. Just think if Dorsey had been healthy all year. He played the second half of the season with a right knee sprain and a back injury.

The Lott trophy, named after former San Francisco defensive back Ronnie Lott, judges personal character. By picking Dorsey, they got that right. Dorsey was the victim of an ugly, illegal chop block by Auburn offensive guard Chaz Ramsey this season.

Ramsey apologized, but he should have been suspended. Auburn was not even penalized on the play with a game official in clear view. It was an extremely embarrassing moment for the Southeastern Conference office, which tries to carry itself as this law and order league. The SEC owes Dorsey an apology as well, and it should suspend Ramsey for the next LSU game, perhaps for his own safety.

Dorsey will not be around for the next LSU-Auburn game, but if he was, he would not do anything illegal to Ramsey. That's not Dorsey. Asked about the illegal block a few days after the game, Dorsey took the high road, which is the road he usually takes. Dorsey never took a verbal shot at Ramsey. Dorsey's teammates have something else to say, but not Dorsey.

Without the knee injury, LSU's defense likely would not have had the collapse it did late this season. And who knows, Dorsey could have contended for the Heisman Trophy. Dorsey may already be the most highly decorated defensive player in the history of college football, which now features nearly as many awards as talk shows.

"This is why I came back," Dorsey said last week. He could have been a first round choice in the last draft despite a shin injury late in the season that dropped his stock. But he wasn't talking about all the hardware he was about to get. He was talking about getting the chance to play for the national championship against Ohio State on Jan. 7 in the Louisiana Superdome.

That's the trophy Dorsey really wants.


Blogger dan said...

Damned fine post Glen. I know you have taken alot of heat from the tiger nation this year. A couple of guys who know you have claimed that you are well equiped to handle the onslaught. For this post you should receive praise, because I think you hit it on the nail head about Dorsey. The cat has his thing going and if he can get healthy again, "Watch out, Ohio state."

1:06 PM  

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