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Friday, November 30, 2007

Mr. Grinch?

Nick Saban ruined Christmas in 2004 for LSU fans -- and not to mention the media that had their day turned upside down.

Will Les Miles do the same next week?

The indications are growing that Miles will be offered the Michigan job and he will accept the job. One of the Detroit papers is reporting in Saturday's editions that the Michigan job is Miles' to lose.(Considering the last half of the season, Miles could lose it.)

So here's the question. If Miles leaves next week, is he the Grinch that Saban was?

Saban's late departure made for a late hiring which is how Miles got here in the first place. (I still think, given what was available at the time, Miles was as good as LSU was going to get. And I'm no big Les Miles fan.)

This departure would be roughly three weeks earlier. Still it doesn't appear to be a great crop of potential replacements out there. Now if a '95 Spurrier was available, then you could talk. But some of these names being mentioned just don't do it.


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