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Saturday, December 01, 2007

What a day

Musings from a crazy day at LSU.

So I wake up to a phone call that ESPN is reporting Les Miles has taken the Michigan job. Man, I tell the guy on the phone, way to take a great season and then run the sword through your own stomach.

Still, something didn't sound right about this. I mean, the guy said he would talk after the game. So I didn't run right into the office.

A few hours later, I was on my way into the office early. Listening to ESPN radio, I hear a report that LSU has called a press conference in 15 minutes.

The talking head on ESPN begins to rip Les Miles. Calls the timing of his departure "disgusting'' and "reprehensible.''

Turns out, the only "disgusting'' and "reprehensible'' acts were ESPN's reporting.

Miles was staying.

Then came the actual game. LSU did what it has done this season - find a way to win.

And then the real fun.

LSU needed a miracle to get into the national title game. Pittsburgh was a 27-point underdog at West Virginia. But Pat White gets hurt and suddenly Pittsburgh is a winner at West Virginia.

Oklahoma rolls as it expected against faux No. 1 Missouri.

So now we have a BCS showdown? Who will be No. 2? LSU? Georgia? Virginia Tech? Kansas?

Stay tuned.


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