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Friday, September 21, 2007

This whole USC thing

I get my copy of The Sporting News this week and there's a big story on USC beating Nebraska. That's understandable. It was the biggest game of the week last week.

But then there's a pullout breaking down USC and LSU.

The magazine gives USC the edge in offensive line, offensive backfield, linebackers, the secondary and coaching. LSU gets the edge in receiver, defensive line and special teams.The bottome line: USC wins.

And of course, one week after LSU was No. 1, USC jumps back to No. 1.

Why LSU fans hate USC is pretty well documented. Not so well-documented is the media fascination with USC.

So here goes:

1) USC plays in a major media market that is void of pro football. The Trojans are the big story in L.A.

2) USC has a great tradition. It's a tradition that those of us over 40 grew up with and one that rivals any in the country.

3) USC plays an attractive schedule. Let's face it, games like the one at Nebraska make you sit up and take notice. Even though Notre Dame is terrible this season, it's still a game with Notre Dame.

4) USC has enjoyed great success in recent years and it's always easier to predict on what someone has done as opposed to what someone is going to do.

So there are the reasons for the ESPN/National media fascination with the Trojans.

LSU fans need not get up in arms. It's just the way it is. If LSU has a five or six-year run in the top five the same national media love will come its way.


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