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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Flynn needs to play

BATON ROUGE - Quarterback Matt Flynn has a bad right ankle this week. He was noticeably limping during the second half of the Tigers' 48-7 victory over Virginia Tech Saturday. He missed practice Monday to give the ankle a day off. He probably wore that protective and supportive boot the players wear now for foot and ankle injuries. He is expected to practice today and meet with reporters tonight.

LSU coach Les Miles has said the injury is not of any significant concern, but Miles has often lied about injuries as coaches often do. Miles is a little more evasive with the truth about injuries than most coaches, though.

There is a school of thought that says Miles should sit Flynn this week against Middle Tennessee, which did lose to Florida Atlantic, so he will not aggravate the injury more and thus be closer to 100 percent for the Sept. 22 home game against South Carolina and Steve Spurrier.

This makes sense, but moreso for a seasoned veteran quarterback.

As good as Flynn has looked in his two starts this season, he is still very much a work in progress. He needs this Middle Tennessee game to sharpen himself for South Carolina. He doesn't need anything but the minimum amount of time on his feet between now and then.

Flynn also knows he needs to play. He saw what Ryan Perrilloux can do.

Suddenly the people calling for Perrilloux to be kicked off the team are quiet in recent months are quiet. It was mop-up duty, but Perrilloux looks very good, natural and fluid. He knows how to fake like he's running, then throw, very well, too. It would be fun to watch Perrilloux start and play the whole game Saturday.

But Flynn is on a one-year mission, and he needs, wants and craves every snap available. This is why he kept playing against Virginia Tech. His ankle may not be great Saturday and he may sit out some of the second half, but you can count on him starting.


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