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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Les talk

So we couldn't go a whole week without mentioning one of Louisiana's all-time favorite pastimes -- LSU coach searching.

It seems that the folks at The Sporting News think Les Miles could be leaving for Michigan. And if Les leaves, then the magazine throws out a name that will likely make most LSU fans cringe.

In all seriousness, this doesn't appear to be a good year to be in the market for a head coach. Because, as the above story points out, there could be a lot of change in the SEC. And there are some coaches on the hot seat at other stops around the country as well.


Blogger Hope Muntz said...

Huh? I've read the article twice and it said that Terry Bowden 'probably couldn't' get the LSU gig. Which is putting it mildly after his dad hired Jimbo away. Now Terry won't even get the FSU gig. Plus he's a moron.

So your comment makes no sense. Since speculating about future LSU coaches is so popular in Baton Rouge, why not do some? I've always thought that LSU does way better hiring pro coaches (Arnsparger, Saban) than retread college coaches anyway, but Houston Nutt and Steve Spurrier would seem to me to be in the mix somewhere, particularly after Spurrier scorned the idea (a sure sign of interest in his case). And Nutt could become a second Charlie Mac with a real program behind him.

C'mon, you can play this game way better than me! Write it up as a real post. Right now, obviously, it feels like a jinx to, but after the Tigers are shafted again against Florida the magic spell will be broken.

5:20 PM  

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