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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Great catch, inexcusable reversal

Notre Dame’s Rhema McKnight kept a drive alive on third down with a catch that can only be described as amazing.

McKnight ran a 6-yard out and initially bobbled Brady Quinn’s throw. As LSU’s Jonathan Zenon dragged McKnight to the turf, the ball popped into the air and fell into McKnight’s arms as he hit the Superdome turf.

The Irish gained 8 on the play.

Brady Quinn responded by throwing a deep ball into double coverage on the next play.

Zenon was in prefect position in front of Jeff Samardzija and made what appeared to make an easy INT at LSU’s 2. The play was called an interception on the field, but was mysteriously reversed by replay, although the replay clearly showed the ball never hit the turf and Zenon had possession.

That reversal is flat out mind-boggling.


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