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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

LSU's worst nightmare

Funny thing, I was just talking to LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette over the weekend and he said watch Nick Saban announce he's going to Alabama on Wednesday, which would take attention away from us at the Sugar Bowl.

It happened. LSU's worst nightmare happened. Saban is back, but a little to the east. But he'll be back in Lousiaiana recruiting like no one else has.

Even if it wasn't Saban, one of LSU's biggest rivals just hired a great coach. And LSU's rise came with Alabama's fall.

But the most damaging thing is that Saban is done with the NFL now. Alabama could have him for a very long time - longer than LSU. They might have him until he retires.

The only places - in the future - I could see him going now are West Virginia, which is his home state, Penn State if and when Joe Paterno retires, and Notre Dame, where I always thought Nick would be great.

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Anonymous mikeyangita said...

I hope you're wrong about him retiring there. It makes perfect sense to all of us, but what we don't know yet is if Nick Saban's job-hopping is some kind of personal thin or psychological compulsion.

11:40 AM  

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