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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tennessee thoughts

First of all, that was a win LSU needed in the worst sort of way. Lose it and your season begins to border on irrelevant. Because, after all, who would LSU have beaten to this point?

Instead, the Tigers still have a chance to finish in the top 10 nationally. And with the schedule the way it was this year, that would be an accomplishment.

Now for some musings:

-- Does anybody have any idea what is going on at running back? It's an SEC road game so Charles Scott gets no carries. But that's OK, because suddenly Keiland Williams is the feature back with 17 carries. Nothing against Keiland Williams, but did anybody see this coming?

-- For about two years now LSU has played some sloppy football and still won games. Saturday, the Tigers turned it over four times and still managed to win.

-- Jonathon Crompton looks like he'll have a future at Tennessee.

-- Loved the fake punt.

-- Still can't figure out the reverse on third down on the final drive.


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